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almuth schöps mosaics


Almuth Schöps graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1991. She started to increase her study on materials and ancient mosaic techniques at the School for Mosaic-Restoration at the Superintendence for Landscape and Architectural Heritages of Ravenna - a Department of the Italian Culture and Tourism Ministry - where she graduated with honours: Restorer of Cultural Heritage. The diploma of the school of mosaic restoration - SAF - is equivalent to the single cycle university master's degree in conservation and restoration of cultural heritage; LMR02. 

In 1995 Longo Editore Ravenna published her book: “Un lacerto in opus sectile dalla domus di via d’Azeglio a Ravenna. Proposte di restauro e conservazione”.                                                                                                                            

In 2006 she finished her postgraduate studies with the Specialistic II° Level Diploma with honours in Visual Arts and Performing Arts Disciplines. 



She is an artist and cultural heritage restorer specialized in mosaic.



Artistic activity 
since 1991    
The development of her artistic expression research takes place primarily by mosaic in the contemporary context. 
Her works are in private collections and in public spaces.


Exhibitions and festivals in Italy and abroad, e.g.:
The International Mosaic Exhibition – Performing Arts Center, Kamakura, Japan.
2nd International Mosaic Exhibition – Atelier der Akademie, Alexandria, Egypt. 
Il respiro della pietra – Egyptian Academy, Rome, Italy.
Mosaïque de notre temps – Hôtel du département, Strasbourg, France.
Mosaic – A Living Art – Royal Albert Museum, Exeter, England.
Mosaic art – EMME DI Studio with the City Art Museum, Ravenna, Italy.
Réminiscences – Tour Saint-Nicolas, Paray-le-Monial, France.
1st International Festival of Contemporary Mosaic – RavennaMosaico; Oriani Library, Ravenna, Italy.
Mosaic-code – Tsuk Gallery, Netanya, Israel.
RavennaMosaico – precarious worlds – National Museum of Ravenna, Italy.
L’or de la connaissance – Chapelle Saint-Éman, Chartres, France.
Bibliomosaico – Classense Library, Ravenna, Italy.

Con il mosaico, contemporaneità a Ravenna e dintorni, Bologna (november 2022).

Exhibition-design and realization, in collaboration with the Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin of the didactical exhibition: 
Das Spiel der Farben und Formen - Mosaikkunst im Bode-Museum, Berlin (2007- 2010).

2009 the MAR acquires the mosaic windstill for its permanent collection, Art Museum of Ravenna - MAR - Ravenna, Italy.

2014 the National-Museum acquires the sculpture mondi precari for its permanent collection, National-Museum of Ravenna, Italy.

Conferences and seminars in Italy and abroad, including:    
Die Kunst des Mosaiks – Von den Ursprüngen zur Gegenwart – Akademie der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin.
Ein Zusammenspiel von Ästhetik und Funktion – Akademie der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin.
...lieu temporaire… – Tour du Jardin Saint-Hugues, Paray-le-Monial, France.
Von der alten bis zur neuzeitlichen Mosaikkunst – Italian Cultural Institute, Embassy of Italy, Vienna.
Mosaic in social art - international workshops, management and moderation of the workshop at the Art Museum of the city of Ravenna.

Workshops and international projects, including: 
Mosaic workshop and activities, design and layout of the educational exhibition Das Spiel der Formen und Farben – Mosaikkunst im Bode-Museum, Berlin.
Workshop with guided and dialogue guides through the city and the monuments of Ravenna.
Excursions in the district and creation of a mosaic in groups. Projects for impaired young people and asylum seekers with the trace centre of the volunteer service centre for others in Ravenna. 
Mosaic workshop - pilot project with the Turin blind union – four-handed design, development and setting up.
Mosaik-Workshop Gestalt-Beet, design and setting up for and with the students of the Emil-von-Behring Gymnasium, Großhansdorf, near the city of Hamburg. 



Restoration and conservation activity      

1994 – 2004 

collaboration as a restorer and specialist of mosaics in various conservation interventions, including: 

Basilica of San Vitale, Ravenna (UNESCO) - wall mosaics of the apse complex.
Archaeological site, via d’Azeglio, Ravenna - floor mosaics of the Byzantine domus.
Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio, Milan - wall mosaics of the apse complex.

Palazzo Carignano, Turin - frescoes of the salone dell’appartamento di mezzanotte.

Archaeological island Mozia, Trapani, Sicily - casa dei mosaici, black and white pebble mosaic floor.  
Archaeological site Capo Boeo, Marsala, Sicily - floor mosaics of the villa romana Ins. I.

Santa Giulia, Museo Storico della città di Brescia - archeological complex Domus dell’Ortaglia in the inside of the museum.  
Ebla, Tell Mardikh, Syria - archaeological site of the La Sapienza, University of Rome.



As an artist and restorer of cultural heritage specialized in mosaic-art - with certified German/Italian bilingualism on an academic level - she includes in her activities and researches several national and international projects; projects for all and for the dissemination of the art of mosaic.

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